Industry 4.0

Manufacturing trends to look out for

Manufacturing industries are the backbone of any country creating employment and self – sufficiency for the nation. Many industries depend on manufacturing for raw material, infrastructure or simply for a sustainable environment; which is why today major technological advancements starts within the manufacturing industry itself providing automation and sustainable growth along with transparent processes both within and outside the domain.

There have been some remarkable developments that we are seeing now which will have a definite impact on the industry and that is the prime reason why you too should look out for the following growing trends in manufacturing industry:


#Internet of Things

IoT as it is fondly called, Internet of Things simply means interconnectivity of physical devices with the internet. It does not only mean devices like phones, PCs and tabs, but also smart devices and infrastructure like buildings (embedded with sensors), Software, RFID, etc. By the end of 2020, it is expected that there will be around 26 billion devices as a part of IoT. For a manufacturing company, this news is huge. Simply because a connected factory or an organization means more productive, smarter and safer environment. With an integrated IoT, we are looking at industrial and manufacturing industries where there is a next level of data analysis, monitoring and processing. We will be seeing smarter machines and software providing real time crucial data for efficient management of resources along with providing a much safer work environment. Manufacturing industries with immense use and need for data analytics should look towards integrating IoT and invest smartly in it.

#Beyond Robotics

Some might argue here that the Robotics part of automation will be hazardous for the economy as it will create job uncertainty, but if you are still mulling over the implementation of Robotics in your manufacturing plant, this news might come as a shock to you that the world is already moving over Robotics and embracing ‘Cobotics’. Cobotics simply means a work environment where machines and robots are complementing the work rather than replacing it.S.A. has been in the lead of this movement for some time now wherein their major aerospace, automobile plants and assembly plants making complex parts are using it. This helps majorly in creating a safer environment for the operator along with decreasing the turnaround time and increasing investments for R and D and creating a lot of work opportunities.

#3D Printing

3D printing is still in its infancy but yet it has created a lot of storm with its We keep on hearing a lot about 3D printed objects with the latest being a 3D printed house in China. Reduction in costs, reduction in time-to-market, building working prototypes at lower costs to innovative designs and approach to solve a problem, the benefits of 3D printing is numerous which is why you should invest in a 3D printed technology today. For a manufacturing company where there is always a requirement for specialized tools, models, casts, etc., 3D comes as a boon.

#Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is already happening and it is the umbrella under which concepts like IoT, 3D printing, Big Data, Cyber physical connectivity are developing. Manufacturing companies in India need to learn more deeply about this concept and try to integrate it. Simple thing like smart ERP and CRM for manufacturing companies might seem like distant idea but it is actually happening. By smart, we mean solutions which can bring all your departments and processes on one platform and provide a single view to all your cases, customers and inventory from anywhere and any device.

A smart ERP for manufacturing companies helps you to connect your warehouse, inventory and manufacturing together to prevent any loss of material or data. It helps you close the data gap and create a near perfect sales forecast while helping you reduce your turnaround time and keep customer service always on priority. To know more about how can a Smart ERP for manufacturing company help you, write to us at [email protected] for a free consultation.


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